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As a small series manufacturer, we are fortunate to be able to present several new editions and new variants every month. The range of drive and electronic components is growing steadily and every year 2-3 real innovations come onto the market. Please excuse us if there are no photos yet.

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Viennese cube clock, illuminated ready made model
Article IDB-3010
The first cube clock was installed next to the Vienna State Opera at the intersection of Ringstraße/Kärntner Straße as early as 1907. Even though the size, technology and dials varied over time, the basic shape always remained the same over the decades, which makes the design somehow "timeless".

From the very beginning, the clocks were controlled centrally, initially by cable and later by radio. The time displayed in such a uniform way was therefore designated as "standard time" on the traditional clock face. One hundred years after the clocks were first put into operation, the city of Vienna seriously considered making them disappear. Even though everyone is equipped with watches on their wrist or smartphone and can always read the time, this announcement caused outrage - a muads bahöö as the Viennese say. People don't want to have to do without their beloved street furniture.

Afterwards, the Wiener Städtische insurance company ensured the continuity of the clocks by using the dials as advertising space and redesigning them, much to the displeasure of the Viennese. Today, many of the clocks are back in their traditional design.

The model shows the clock in its largest version of 105 centimetres side length with anthracite grey colouring and historical mast. Good visibility even in the dark is ensured by the built-in LED, which can be connected to the positive pole (red wire) with a series resistor corresponding to the power supply. We recommend a 1.8 kO resistor at 12 volts and 125 mA direct current.

The clock is even correct twice a day, namely at 10 minutes past half past three both in the afternoonat night.  Ready made model by artbeeren.

39,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Historical enamel signs "Beverages"
Article IDM-624
Scale 1:87; laser-cut signs with fine print, 9 unique designs, ready to use model kits.

8,00 €
per pack
incl. 20,00% VAT
Tramway buffer stop, H0, ready-made model
Article IDM-469-FM
Scale 1:87, Authentic model of a Tramway buffer stop of the Vienna tram/bus lines, painted, metall ready-made model by Sedlacek.

18,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Bus stop post, Vienna, ep5, ready made
Article IDM-470-FM
Scale 1:87, Authentic model of a bus stop post of the Vienna tram/bus lines; blue, lettered white/black, Ep.5, ready-made model by Sedlacek.

18,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Column tram stop, Vienna, ep.3, illuminated ready made
Article IDM-479-FM
Scale 1:87, Authentic model of a column tram stop of the Vienna tram/bus lines, illuminated, lettered, Ep.3, ready-made model by Sedlacek.

30,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Roof panel for E1 "Gösser", green
Article IDZRS0WE1-G4
1:87 scale model, set-up panels for Vienna/Graz E1 railcar, "Gösser" roof advertising, green, printed on one side, back side roof color.

9,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Catalog "Cog Railway"
Latest printed version of the Cog Railway Catalog. The free ONLINE VERSION on is always up-to date!!

5,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
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