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We strive to present you with a wide range of models, but the number of trains and trams that have not yet been implemented as a model will be even more extensive!

Of course, we are pleased to receive your model proposals by e-mail. In order to be able to answer the question of the feasibility more quickly we ask you to consider a few points in the inquiry.

Basically, we distinguish form variants and design variants. Due to the elaborate mold construction, models of the first category are associated with significantly higher costs / unit numbers. If we are to "only" change the design of one of our standard models, the unit price at about 100-150 pcs. is often already in an attractive area.

Design variant (without shape change):

Send us pictures of the vehicle (overlapping detail photos of the whole left and right side of the vehicle as well as front and rear with all pictograms), the basic model and the targeted number of pieces. We also need information on the paint finish (RAL/Pantone code) and possibly other locomotive numbers, car numbers, line numbers and target signs.

On the basis of this data we will send you an offer with quantity/price brackets within one week. We will then send you a draft for approval and all relevant information.

Form variant:

For a completely new model, we need a lot more detailed data: In addition to the above information please send technical drawings (2D) and if possible 3D data (* .stp) of the complete outside of the vehicle. Photographs and drawings of the interior furnishings, the drivers cab and the roof are also required.

It is very difficult to set a minimum order quantity for a new model without a detailed study of the original vehicle. However, you can expect MOQs of several 100 pieces before the unit price becomes attractive enough to allow the resale, which is why this offer is aimed primarily at commercial customers.

We will send you an offer with quantity/price brackets about two weeks after receipt. The draft for approval and all relevant information is usually delivered 20-30 days after receipt of order.

Without print:

We are asked more and more often whether it is possible to order a model "white" without any color or in a simple basic color. We will gladly meet this wish for a small extra charge. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will share with you whether this option is available due to availability of the parts in question or a possible re-run of the model in the near future.

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Red dot: Article sold out, pre-order for new edition possible

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