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The Caminho de Ferro do Monte was the only cogwheel railway on the island of Madeira (Portugal). The route ran from the station Pombal in Funchal to Terreiro da Luta above Monte with a total length of almost 4 km. Downhill you could also choose the well-known basket sleds, which still run alongside the railway track today.
FERRO-TRAIN manufactures the CFM machine L-5 with one of the classic observation cars. The small, open freight car for the luggage and basket sled is being prepared. Benefit from the attractive set offers! You will find tips and tricks for layout and module construction in the download area of our HP.

Name Price Quantity
1021-03 Cog rwy observation coach, open platform, ruby red
Article ID1021-05
Cog railway observation coach, 2 axles, with brakemans platform. Ruby red, additional parts enclosed LxBxH: 105x30x30 mm

105,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
1023-02 Cog rwy freight car, short, red
Article ID1023-05
Cog railway low side freight car, 2 axles, short, with brakemans platform, red, additional parts enclosed LxBxH: 60x30x30 mm

60,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
CFM Lok Nr. L-5, green-black
Article ID1060-05
HOn3zz model of the loco nbr 5 of the Comboio Funchal Monte (CFM), Madeira. Green cab, black boiler/chassis. Straight chimney, pop valves. LxBxH 64 x 26 x 37 mm

249,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Cog rwy passenger coach of CFM, open platform, red
Article ID1025-01
Comboio Funchal Monte (CFM), Madeira: Cog railway coach, 2 axles, with brakemans platform. Red, additional parts enclosed  LxBxH: 105x30x30 mm

75,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT

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