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Kit of a Rural Freight Shed of kkStB

For the railways, the imperial royal railways (kkStB) had general plans, adapted for the respective needs and regionally available materials. For small stations there was therefore the plan of a 6 meter wide freight shed (apparently at any length). With wooden walls and a base made of broken stone, this model is an ideal candidate for mountainous railway tracks. Although regional freight transport has long since been shifted from rail to road, it is still possible to admire freight sheds like these - often in a miserable condition. To stand out from current models, we have made the wooden walls of fine lime wood to create the optimal look for the rough wood. For the somewhat difficult handling of wood with regard to gluing and painting, please refer to the instructions in the construction manual.  

The model in detail: bearing parts made of Finnpappe, filigree parts from Bristol carton, Exterior of fine lime wood, Cling film, Dimensions: Height: 71mm, Length: 140mm, Depth: 99mm

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