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B-2001 Kit of the Tram Arches "Gürtel" . Front only

The "Gürtel" line of the Wiener Stadtbahn (now U6) leads over the uneven terrain of the alpine foothills that pass through Vienna. The line is high and low, while the railway track itself remains at the same level. The typical highways of the arterial arches with their large-scale business portals and the typical railings are examples for this model. The track is designed for two tracks. In addition to the two-sided version presented here, there is also the backdrop solution (B-2001-A) with only one structured side. With the basic modules an arbitrarily long distance can be built. In combination with the bridge heads (B-2002), the route over the tram arches is an optical conclusion. Length: 275 mm, Width: 137 mm, Height: 125 mm

Track height: 90 mm

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