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Anyone who wants to build railway or tram layouts, dioramas or modules is always looking for small, fine details that give the whole a special charm or allow a story to be told while the eye is wandering across the landscape.

Name Price Quantity
M-227-B-FM 20 German train end signals 1:45
Article IDMO-227-B-FM
5 German  train end signals
painted, ready made.

7,00 €
per set
incl. 20,00% VAT
M-227-FM train end signals, ready made
Article IDMO-227-FM
10 train end disk signals
painted, ready made.

9,00 €
per Pkg 10
incl. 20,00% VAT
Coal basket, 1:45
Article IDMO-252-FM
Ready made model, of a braided coal basket, painted brownish-grey, with coal (packed separately)

20,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Water standpipe "Spitzner", ready made 1:45
Article IDMO-260-FM
Ready made "O" model. Fine detail and painting.

57,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
"k&k Telegraphenamt signpost, ep 1,2 1:45
Article IDMO-390
Scale model of the "k&k Telegraphenamt"  signboard as seen in Vienna's Technical Museum, accurately painted and lettered; set of 2

16,50 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT

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