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Anyone who wants to build railway or tram layouts, dioramas or modules is always looking for small, fine details that give the whole a special charm or allow a story to be told while the eye is wandering across the landscape.

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Kit of a Small Viennese Suburban House
Article IDB-1001
The model is a small Viennese suburb, typical of the Gründerzeit. Houses like these are still to be found today in the inner districts. The simple, clean lines show the influence of classicism.
Walls, sidewalk and roof made of Finnpappe; Double window made of graphics box with window foil; Light and curtain masks made of paper; Dimensions: Height: 130mm, Length: 165mm, Depth: 120mm

69,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Kit of a Old Viennese "Zerghof" Court
Article IDB-1002
Between Baroque and Classicism, on the threshold of the Biedermeier, this house is located, whose example is located on the Wiener Landstraße. The building state shown here corresponds to the business portal of the Gründerzeit.  
The store location can be carried out as a pharmacy or a grocery store with the accompanying decorative material. Of course it also offers space for independent creations. The backyard is decorated with a typical wooden veranda. The model is suitable for urban, suburban as well as village ensembles.
Walls and pavement of Finnpappe, finely engraved roof of graphics box, Double window made of graphics box with window foil; Decorative materials, light and curtain masks made of paper. Height: 175mm, Length: 107mm, Depth: 143mm

79,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Kit of a Old Viennese Backyard Outbuildings
Article IDB-1003
In the backyards of the suburban buildings there were secondary buildings for stables, workshops as well as for apartments. This adjoining building fits perfectly to the Little Viennese suburb. A small wall is going to crush the yard against the neighbor. The kit is unpainted and consists of Finnpappe, Grafikkarton, window foil as well as light- and curtainmask of paper. Dimensions: Height: 88mm, Length: 162mm, Depth: 40mm

39,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Kit of a Rural Freight Shed of kkStB
Article IDB-1004
For the railways, the imperial royal railways (kkStB) had general plans, adapted for the respective needs and regionally available materials. For small stations there was therefore the plan of a 6 meter wide freight shed (apparently at any length). With wooden walls and a base made of broken stone, this model is an ideal candidate for mountainous railway tracks. Although regional freight transport has long since been shifted from rail to road, it is still possible to admire freight sheds like these - often in a miserable condition. To stand out from current models, we have made the wooden walls of fine lime wood to create the optimal look for the rough wood. For the somewhat difficult handling of wood with regard to gluing and painting, please refer to the instructions in the construction manual.  
The model in detail: bearing parts made of Finnpappe, filigree parts from Bristol carton, Exterior of fine lime wood, Cling film, Dimensions: Height: 71mm, Length: 140mm, Depth: 99mm

59,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Zinshaus der Gründerzeit, Bausatz
Article IDB-1005
Im Lauf der Gründerzeit zwischen 1848 bis 1914 expandierten die Städte Europas in einem ungeahnten Ausmaß. Dabei setzte sich eine effiziente Bautechnik durch, die aber auch auf ein ausreichendes Maß an Prunk nicht verzichten wollte. Neben den Prestigebauten gab es auch eine Massenarchitektur mit modifizierbaren Bauplänen und Maßen. Die reichhaltigen Verzierungen konnten nach Belieben bestellt und kombiniert werden. Der Historismus hielt Einzug — ein Stil, der von Antike über Renaissance, Barock aber auch Orientalistik so ziemlich alles vereinnahmte, was gerade gefiel.

Das Modell des Zinshauses nimmt sich der Thematik der Massenarchitektur an. Hinter der prunkvollen Fassade konnte sich so ziemlich alles befinden: großangelegte Bürgerwohnungen, als auch elende Kleinwohnungen für große Familien inklusive "Bettgeher". Einzig die Lage und die Dichte der Verbauung gaben Aufschluss über die sozialen Zustände. Mit der Fassade wollten Bau- und Hausherren eigentlich nur angeben.

Das Modell im Detail:
Wände, Gehsteig und Dach aus Finnpappe
Doppelfenster aus Grafikkarton mit Fensterfolie hinterlegt
Licht- und Gardinenmasken aus Papier

Höhe: 250mm
Länge: 198mm
Tiefe: 133mm

119,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Weinviertler Bahnhofstoilette, Bausatz
Article IDB-1008
34,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Kit of the "Schafbergalm" station building
Article IDB-1111
Real wood parts kit of the station building "Schafbergalm" on the Schafberg rack railway. Highly detailed, precisely laser-cut wood and cardboard kit.

57,00 €
per pack
incl. 20,00% VAT
Kit of the Tram Arches "Gürtel"
Article IDB-2001
The "Gürtel" line of the Wiener Stadtbahn (now U6) leads over the uneven terrain of the alpine foothills that pass through Vienna. The line is high and low, while the railway track itself remains at the same level. The typical highways of the arterial arches with their large-scale business portals and the typical railings are examples for this model. The track is designed for two tracks. In addition to the two-sided version presented here, there is also the backdrop solution (B-2001-A) with only one structured side. With the basic modules an arbitrarily long distance can be built. In combination with the bridge heads (B-2002), the route over the tram arches is an optical conclusion. Length: 275 mm, Width: 137 mm, Height: 125 mm
Track height: 90 mm

109,00 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Cobblestone sheet
Article IDB-3001
Cobblestone sheet, 22,7 x 8 cm

8,90 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
Cobblestone sheet
Article IDB-3002
Cobblestone sheet, small

3,90 €
per Pcs
incl. 20,00% VAT
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